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Champions offers karate for children of all ages and all levels. We combine a blend of traditional Japanese karate and modern competitive karate. Your child might even pick up a little Japanese language. Age: 4+
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Flex Well Body

Elevate your movement with our Corrective Exercise Class. Personalized sessions for enduring enhancements in mobility and vitality. Focusing on the mindful aspects of movement and therapy
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Cheer Dance Team

We open our doors TO young dancers so they try out a range of dance styles:  pom dancing, hip hop and jazz.  Whether they are dancing for fun or aiming for that spot on the dance team at their dream college, girls and boys can learn all types of dance styles while having fun. Age: 4+
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Pila Yoga

Pila Yoga combines the finest elements of Pilates and yoga, promoting the harmonious development of physical strength and inner balance.
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Ignite your child's passion for adventure with our thrilling acrobatics classes, where every flip and twist brings out the superhero within! Age: 3+
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Kickboxing is a dance of strength, agility, and determination. It's a symphony of powerful kicks, swift punches, and graceful movements that weave together into a mesmerizing display of skill and discipline.
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